Tabula is a joint venture between Lenticular pictures LLC (USA) and wildpalms Meffert Sanguino GbR (Germany).

Some time ago, two of the founders worked on the art fields, and they used to work as an artist collective.

After gathering extended experience in the world of the 3D animation and the art world and market in USA, Colombia, Mexico and Germany, it was natural to join forces together.

Tabula differs from other studios. When you come out of the art world, you grow up with a rare eye for talent and potential. You are the first to see value and recognized upcoming social changes. In fashion, in politics:

Art is always avantgarde. You are a driver for change, joining creativity with elegance and rebellion.

In depth, we posses a keen and precise understanding of physical space, which saves a lot of time by explaining your ideas and avoiding communication issues.

Our communication skills allow us to know, how to reach a certain public.

We understand the whole range of actors in the process. From creatives, administation and regulation, to finance and investors.

The name Tabula is related to ancient Roman games. It also refers to a white board for drawing out ideas and customized solutions.